Sunday, October 20, 2013

Social Conditioning

Social conditioning fosters propaganda susceptibility. Any image must mirror the original for greatest acceptance. New notions or fads are required to overcome societal inertia and inevitable drag forces. Familiarity is the most efficient appeal as it will receive less critical attention, and may be unconsciously absorbed—but only if one has the resources to ensure media saturation (including bad press directed at the effort by its opponents). The herd will rally and defend its flags. Critical thought is not a herd virtue. Cosmetic window dressing and directed semantics are crucial elements in to achieving a successful saturation propaganda campaign. Short attention spans increase the likelihood. Ideally, the idea is regarded eternal. A seed of doubt may be planted to weaken both state and herd. Popular ideals can be vivisected in the same manner the opposition was refuted. Glass may prove more valuable whole than smashing it. Destruction can be satisfying. Decadent Morality smothers. You chose your values.