Maximum Advantage in all Things was launched in 2004 as a means of disseminating my unpublished philosophical writings, aphorisms and musings concerning propaganda and the decline of technological civilization.  Later that year, several other blogs were spun off, Maximum Advantage Discussed (now Visualized), which was oriented toward current events, and Maximum Advantage in Pictures, which features historical propaganda posters.  My goal is to provoke thought through challenging, and sometime deriding, the beliefs of the reader. Despite the fact that often there's something contained herein that appeals to someone, I've managed to alienate, anger and/or annoy most regular readers that I've managed to pick up over the years.  As a result, this blog format has never developed a constant mass audience. Mission accomplished!

If a belief cannot stand a little derision, it will not stand.

From time to time, language needs a little bend.

For more about the Technical Morality, see Here.

Occasionally, somebody asks me about the fish, I tell them it speaks with a forked tongue.  It's actually the mark of a bad driver.  Ever notice the recklessness of certain Jesus addicts on the road?  What a bunch of Chumps.

As always, Death to the Stupid!*

* Which doesn't necessarily mean the simple.  Complex systems fail the uncomplicated.  Children don't ask to be born.  The Idiot cannot be otherwise. Humans are irrational and limited animals.  As such, immediate concerns take precedence.  Altruism is a luxury.  Doing nothing is sometimes preferable to getting involved.  The Stupid choose to wallow in their ignorance and/or naiveté. If that's your trip, then fine, but I don't want to hear about it.

Seattle, WA USA