Friday, September 30, 2005

On This Modern Warrior Archetype Part Two.1.2

1.2 Likelihood is not certainty. Certainty may not be the result of desire. This Modern Warrior Archetype must be emotionally prepared. The world will do as it will. Respect is the surest means of survival. Fighting should be a last resort, and as such likely be brutal. Anything else is not worth it. Outright intimidation will be answered by some one. Someone is always stronger (or luckier). The key for the best defense lies in making offense too costly. Some potential targets are not worth the price. This Modern Warrior Archetype seeks to be one such and allied to such. The whole is different than the sum of its parts. The gentle can kill. In fact, justification makes it all the easier through lack of remorse. They deserve it.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

On This Modern Warrior Archetype Part Two.1.1

1.1 Although often considered as synonymous, in most realities, control and power represent opposite ends of a variable spectrum. In less stable conditions, the spectrum would be curved or even circular (in which case the two terms would in fact be one). If one goes around the world, one will eventually return. However, in the most stable states, the spectrum becomes truly linear. One has no need of control where power is balanced. The need for control is often an indicator of a loss of status or power. However, often, the resulting actions serve only to decrease power further as the result of backlash mechanisms. Hence, authority declines. This downward spiral will continue until either a different reaction is realized or no power remains. Eventually all power and control is lost and the world moves onward. Control destroys power. Real power is obtained and collected through respect. This Modern Warrior Archetype knows the difference.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


The war of fronts led the CNT into the mire of political collaboration and to give up our past without any kind of recompense, since the more we surrendered as we collaborated, the more was demanded of us. While the policy of collaboration went ahead, we anarchists were able to gain some influence, but it was inevitable that we would fall sooner or later on the side of the State, and we were soon absorbed by the State bureaucracy. Many of our comrades realized the inevitability of the process and found they enjoyed the seats of power.

What redeemed our role in the revolution of July 19 was the work of the regular militants, who echoed the position of our classic theorists, and fled the bureaucratising ambience of committees, trying instead to make the revolution in concrete ways, or who simply fought, without ever having read Bakunin or Kropotkin.

We still argue in our circles about whether we should have instituted full libertarian communism in Catalonia from the start, with all of its consequences. Assuming something which is very dubious, that "going all out" would have had the virtue of being able to extend anarchism to all of the loyal zone, I am still convinced, even without the Fascist presence, that we would not have been able to avoid a civil war. In such a situation, what would have happened? Most likely, the formation of a strong revolutionary government, which excluded the opposition - a supremely centralized power with a coercive apparatus to prevent and repress opposition. In such a situation the means would have completely obliviated our ends, as occurred in the Russian experience.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

On This Modern Warrior Archetype Part One.12.0

12. This Modern Warrior Archetype requires balance and self-discipline to stay away from the shadows. One must be selective in belonging. Lest one descend to the realm of reptiles, certain lines should not be crossed. Only the insane embrace such retrograde natures. Insight can be an excellent guide away from such paths, but beware: too much introversion can devour one whole. One must be equally discerning in seeking a guide. Many desiring the roll have their own agenda that might prove detrimental. This Modern Warrior Archetype is not a tool. Agitation will attempt to prove otherwise. The state is a prime actor in such attempts. Unless goals and aims coincide, avoid it. The state will use and discard. Purpose can be higher. A government is not a nation; a nation is not a people. Sacrifice can be found elsewhere. Duty can be discharged in many ways. In matters of life and death, abstractions are mostly lies. Preservation for its own sake leads to stagnation. As a result, the final fall is from the greatest heights. Terminal velocity is the hardest hit. Very much may be done without lifting a finger. All else might lie within shadow.

End of Part One.

Monday, September 26, 2005

On This Modern Warrior Archetype Part One.11.0

11. Daylight does not require swagger. Presence may be conveyed by more subtle means. Why broadcast challenge? This Modern Warrior Archetype seeks to defuse tension. "Bring it on" is for idiots. Protracted battles are exhausting and leave long shadows at days end. Shadows are not cast in the dark. Intentions are less obvious and uncertain. Priorities and loyalties are masked. Freaks come out at night. Those whom feel the need to prove something walk at night. Certain deviants are harmful. The harshest battles are fought at night. Intimidation has its time. Power can be projected. Fear is best contained. Repression is for fools. This Modern Warrior Archetype can allow its passage to be felt and known.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

On This Modern Warrior Archetype Part One.10.0

10. This Modern Warrior Archetype understands asymmetric and systemic warfare. Offense and defense are compliments. Weak points must be shored and/or exploited beyond Maximum Advantage in all Things. Mediocre strategies and tactics must be discarded. Error is worse compounded. One must have the courage to admit and correct mistakes. Reforms are lesser errors. Things can go farther. Progress is a dead end because it must never end. The world always moves onward and outward.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

On This Modern Warrior Archetype Part One.9.0

9. The meek might be destined to inherit the Earth six feet under, but one need not hasten the day. This Modern Warrior Archetype has certain responsibilities towards others and commitments to others. Certain burdens must be born. Blatant disregard can never accomplish anything lasting in a world where all eyes see all. Suppression and repression are the herd's preservation instincts. Civilization is an attempt at neutralization. The warrior made itself more threatening and feared than the yoke. The civilizing drive often fails. It has created something worse the warrior. Killing has become detached and remote; this Modern Warrior Archetype is more personal, yet psychologically aware enough to recognize the damage. The personal toll had better be worth it. The surreal must be ignored. Lunatics deserve a purge.

Friday, September 23, 2005

On This Modern Warrior Archetype Part One.8.0

8. Chaos may be feared and reviled, or be a time for the reveler. A little decadence, every now and again, is not a bad thing. Coping mechanisms are an essentially defense against snapping. Too many gravitate towards intensity, thus leaving unnecessary destruction in their wake. Comrades can escalate atrocities. Ramping is necessary for struggle, but only produces needless agitation in other respects. The backlash produces a need for authority. Most people are simply ill-equipped to deal with massive violence. This Modern Warrior Archetype must understand that freedom is derived from service. It just does not need to be an abstraction or the state. Killing for no good reason must be avoided; retribution must be swift, decisive and deadly against those choosing otherwise. The code of silence is a failure in shadow. Inappropriate reaction is the road in shadow. This Modern Warrior Archetype does not require enemies.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

On This Modern Warrior Archetype Part One.7.0

7. Commitments and codes are necessary to avoid shadow. Honor need not come from above. As Things Fall Apart, certain choices must be made. This Modern Warrior Archetype must step softly. Power can be more addictive than any mere chemical. The impulse towards domination must be resisted. The weak are a responsibility. Their mass is a grave danger and an easy weapon. When threatened, their unattended panic can bury one. Else, like one standing beneath an exploding volcano, survival is mere chance. Tasks and attainable goals, with something shown, are superior to projection. The world will not just go one's way because one wills it. It must be made to happen. The exceptions are coincidence or certainties. Folly is a dance. One is better off refusing certain steps. Codes of conduct must come from within, else once coercive force is removed it will evaporate. Laws are best ignored. What matters is self and those immediately around us. A group or individual code means something. The decrees of corrupt politicians are meaningless. Empathy is the primary tool for understanding others. One does not act indiscriminately against fellow human being, merely others. One can be free, but must accept limits to avoid the shadows and insanity.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

On This Modern Warrior Archetype Part One.6.0

6. One needs outlets. Constant agitation uses and expends. This Modern Warrior Archetype must be whole to resist the shadow. Life must be worth living or misery will spread. One must be willing to cull (or at least retire) the un-whole. Unless actively prevented the worst will happen in war. In a hierarchal organization that which is allowed to happen is never accidental. If the shadow is found it is either condoned or willingly ignored. Anything else is a lie. Stratification is division. The denominator is always on the bottom and often gets reduced.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

On This Modern Warrior Archetype Part One.4-5.0

4. The shadow does not fear deterioration of the spirit. Fanatics and tyrants believe the ends justify the means. The shadow can even not care. The daylight knows better and mitigates accordingly. One need not lose to win.

5. Struggle can often lead to accommodations. The high ground must be identified and set unless events require re-evaluation. Instincts must be developed to quickly identify the new high ground. High noon has less shadows. One must start somewhere.

Monday, September 19, 2005

On This Modern Warrior Archetype Part One.3.0

3a. This Modern Warrior Archetype sizes up all obstacles and opponents. Avoidance is best determined. Action must be decisive, but need not be fast. Time will often yield the better victory. Fear is a weapon that can be exploited beyond Maximum Advantage. Anything else amounts to digging one's own grave in shadow.

3b. The shadow would rather use others against others. This Modern Warrior Archetype does its own dirty work.

3c. Unless utterly brutal and sustained, the shadow's major flaw is impatience. The gun can be jumped. Only the fanatic can sustain the energy; the rest become (or already are) psychologically damaged by the means and methods of modern conflict. Blood stains on the street have meaning.

On This Modern Warrior Archetype Part One.1-2.0

Regarding the Shadow that must be avoided–

1. For warrior archetypes, as most feared, the shadow is the most discussed aspect. In fact, many warrior archetypes would appear to be nothing except shadow. This Modern Warrior Archetype can slide into shadow; it does not need stay. Violence is numbing. The shadow has no sense of honor and usually no real grounding.

2. Where the means must be avoided at any price, the shadow must be avoided at all cost. Death brings forth the shadow. The uninvolved must stay uninvolved. Having been drawn, enemies multiply and never go away. The eyes of the world should always be assumed to be watching. Once habitual, the spiral is always downward. The shadow sees collaborators everywhere; the light illuminates opportunities.

Sunday, September 18, 2005


Anarchism is largely responsible for its own bad reputation in the world. It did not consider the thorny problem of means and ends. In their writings, many anarchists conceived of a miraculous solution to the problem of revolution. We fell easily into this trap in Spain. We believed that "once the dog is dead, the rabies is over." We proclaimed a full-blown revolution without worrying about the many complex problems that a revolution brings with it. Nettlau said that those who believe that a society can change itself overnight through a heroic struggle have not learned the lessons of history. As Bakunin was wont to say, "a people develops extraordinary capacities when it is able to defeat its worst enemy: the State." But we must not forget what we have learned from more recent history (which Bakunin did not experience) - that the state is a virus that can take hold in each of us, and that revolutions set free not only the enslaved masses, but also millions and millions of viruses. For example, to the Iberian anarchist of my generation the notion that there is an inevitable reaction to any revolution was unthinkable, or unimportant. Some Spanish comrades still lament that our revolution happened to be accompanied by a civil war. But when had there been a revolution without a civil war? Is not a revolution a civil war by its very nature?

And yet we were caught unprepared when our revolution inevitably provoked a civil war. As I say in the text of this book, the Spanish anarchists suffered from an excessively urban orientation in their revolutionary, or rather insurrectionary, plans. If the insurrection was lost in the cities, the villages were written off. We never thought that we would have to prepare for civil war by organizing support bases for guerrilla actions in the countryside and the mountains, and by developing supply systems for such activities and training select troops as guerrillas. With its tortuous geography Spain is a good terrain for guerrilla warfare, and a wen organized guerrilla force would have defeated soldiers trained for a war of continuous fronts. In the last world war the Spanish Army itself used guerrilla warfare (which it called commandos), and the Vietnamese and the Palestinians are still using it. Guerrilla organization could have saved the North from Franco. Our trench warfare was a gift that we made to Franco, Mola, Quiepo del Llano, Yagile and the other strategists of the enemy camp.

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Saturday, September 17, 2005

On This Modern Warrior Archetype Part Zero.12.0

xxxviii. This Modern Warrior Archetype is not everything it can be and does not desire to be. Who really wants the choice will not get it; those wanting otherwise will be found.

last. This Modern Warrior Archetype is not the Ancient Warrior Archetype but its roots are the same. Neither were ever seen at knight but can be noble. Codes are restraints to ensure trust in behavior, through word and deed. This Modern Warrior Archetype lives in a land of daylight and shadow much like most everyone else. A need might arise, but otherwise the art of war can be left alone. Why be obsessive? Look where it has gotten the world. This Modern Warrior Archetype walks in the light through shadows and walls.

End of Part Zero (Second Draft).

Friday, September 16, 2005

On This Modern Warrior Archetype Part Zero.11.0

xxxv. This Modern Warrior Archetype is not immediate gratification. Delay (rather than inertia) is often the better choice. The future is the focus by understanding the past.

xxxvi. This Modern Warrior Archetype is not blind. It orients, decides and acts or does not.

xxxvii. This Modern Warrior Archetype is not action at any price. Patience is victory over stupidity.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

On This Modern Warrior Archetype Part Zero.10.0

xxxii. This Modern Warrior Archetype is not a projection.

xxxiii. This Modern Warrior Archetype is not hollow.

xxxiv. This Modern Warrior Archetype is not rage nor fanaticism. Mindless slaughter is something to be stopped, but not by state products.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

On This Modern Warrior Archetype Part Zero.9.0

xxix. This Modern Warrior Archetype is not beyond or between itself. It must go under but can resurface. The failures do not. Some things are worse than death.

xxx. This Modern Warrior Archetype is not its own end. Everything becomes superceded. Some actually know it.

xxxi. This Modern Warrior Archetype is not afraid of initiative. Compulsion is another matter.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

On This Modern Warrior Archetype Part Zero.8.0

xxv. This Modern Warrior Archetype is not a cure but it can become diseased.

xxvi. This Modern Warrior Archetype is not something more or less greater than any other professional archetype. It does have a more unpleasant destiny than most. The most notable exceptions are the police and criminal archetypes. This Modern Warrior Archetype is not either; it can become either through degeneration and uplift.

xxvii. This Modern Warrior Archetype is not avenging rather more surgical.

xxviii. This Modern Warrior Archetype is not greater than the sum of its parts.

Monday, September 12, 2005

On This Modern Warrior Archetype Part Zero.7.0

xxi. This Modern Warrior Archetype is not its own myth.

xxii. This Modern Warrior Archetype is not a resident of a single shade.

xxiii. This Modern Warrior Archetype is not a thing unto itself.

xxiv. This Modern Warrior Archetype is not a cure but it can become diseased.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

On This Modern Warrior Archetype Part Zero.6.0

xviii. This Modern Warrior Archetype is not reactive nor reactionary. The world moves on and one must move with it to avoid being crushed by the wheels of history (or drowned).

xix. This Modern Warrior Archetype is not useful without a cause but can happily live without. One doesn't always need to be doing something.

xx. This Modern Warrior Archetype is not ever going to go away, unless and until it is replaced by something worse. Someone will always need to fight. The pastoral days are over.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

On This Modern Warrior Archetype Part Zero.5.0

xiv. This Modern Warrior Archetype is not just doing but thinking; it can even be empathic.

xv. This Modern Warrior Archetype is not either passive aggressive nor active aggression. The reaction is certainty. Knowing and doing are powerful compliments beyond division.

xvi. This Modern Warrior Archetype is not a worshiper of death nor necessarily a bearer. It can deliver a beating. It knows the better victories are accomplished without lifting a finger.

xvii. This Modern Warrior Archetype is not a matter of faith but can be spiritual

Friday, September 09, 2005

On This Modern Warrior Archetype Part Zero.4.0

x. This Modern Warrior Archetype is not affiliation beyond affinity. It can begin otherwise.

xi. This Modern Warrior Archetype is not cultural but can be a part of culture.

xii. This Modern Warrior Archetype is not what one wants it to be.

xiii. This Modern Warrior Archetype is not degeneration.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

On This Modern Warrior Archetype Part Zero.3.0

vii. This Modern Warrior Archetype is not the sum of its feared and trusted parts.

viii. This Modern Warrior Archetype is not theater but can use it. A posture can be either escalation or de-escalation. It might signify a willingness to avoid and unleash or not. In a world of long range retaliation, image can mean anything and everything when exploited to Maximum Advantage in all Things. As the path is cleared by all, the truly strong can walk away.

ix. This Modern Warrior Archetype is not its own highest order. It may descend.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

On This Modern Warrior Archetype Part Zero.2.0

iv. This Modern Warrior Archetype is not without honor but can be. Some choices are difficult. In a decadent society and culture, honor needs to be re-claimed, re-gained and re-taught. Failures slide into history's dustbin. All empires crumble. Their failures are not pretty but can be mitigated by acceptance. One should never kneel.

v. This Modern Warrior Archetype is not avoidance nor seeking. One better goes where one needs. Arbitrary control destroys the spirit of This Modern Warrior Archetype and becomes another stillborn.

vi. This Modern Warrior Archetype is not predator nor prey. A game warden is more benign and less innocent.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

On This Modern Warrior Archetype Part Zero.1.0

–Shadow and Light

Draft 2.0 – Summer/Fall 2005

This feature is a chapter in a work in progress called Backlash. The product is a result of artistic license and hopefully less boring.

Part Zero.

What This Modern Warrior Archetype is not–

i. This Modern Warrior Archetype is not a mass media creation. This archetype will never be a mass media creation; it's roots are far too ancient. Affect is not effect. The best mirror is heavily distorted and can never be. The world is not 2-dimensional. False constraints are only worth ignoring.

ii. This Modern Warrior Archetype is not a product of government. This archetype is useful and even necessary for the state; but only within limits. Else, the prisons and jails would not be loaded with veterans. As before, This Modern Warrior Archetype will outlive the state. The rest will die with it.

iii. This Modern Warrior Archetype is not above anything but can be below falling down and apart.

Monday, September 05, 2005


Part 1 - Preface
by José Pierats
Published by Freedom Press, London, 1990

Regarding the Spanish Revolution and the Paris Uprising:

The Spanish revolution has had both an external and an internal continuity. Until recently the exterior had a monopoly, because virtually all of the works on the Spanish revolution were published abroad. This literature suffered at first from political writers, who with rare exceptions distorted the history to fit their particular perspective. Hence the conspiracy of silence concerning the revolutionary accomplishments of the CNT, FAI and part of the revolutionary socialists. But beginning in the 1950's, and continuing to the present the revolutionary truth of those accomplishments has begun to be known. Scholars in Anglo-saxon countries and others made major contributions to the process of demystifying the Marxists and fellow travellers, in their effort to understand fully and profoundly the "War in Spain" (for they did not refer to it as the "Spanish Revolution"). From then on there began to be available a true, historical account of the Spanish struggle, which, consciously or unconsciously, broadened the debate and made a significant mark on the spirit of a new generation of students. This extension of the Spanish revolution came forth with the explosion of the events of May in Paris, which not only shook the world, but which also sparked a set of demands that until then had remained quiescent.

Of course we must disabuse ourselves of the notion that the Spanish revolution was the only inspiration behind the May days. But we can affirm that it did have considerable effect in shaking anarchism out of its lethargy throughout the world, to the point of causing alarm in the well-prepared ranks of the Stalinists, who rushed like any firemen to put out a dangerous fire. One need only recall the indecent instructions of the French Communist Party to gauge the heat they felt from the left, which threatened their control over their domesticated masses. If they were able to repel the assault it was because the rebelling youth was not well-grounded in the history of the last 40 years. But the events of Paris in 1968 had the virtue of arousing not only rebellious youth, but also a great number of adults, social and national groups. Today we see them concerned with a series of issues that until recently were taboo, such as conscientious objection, abortion, divorce and regional autonomy movements. In these areas anarchists have a broad field of concrete issues which they can influence without neglecting what could be called their philosophical or doctrinal tenets, for decades their only preoccupation. With its collectivist accomplishments, the Spanish revolution opened the way to the consideration of concrete problems - if only through an understanding that specific accomplishments have a far greater effect than lenten sermons. Today there is much talk of self-government or se If-ad ministration. For many this is still a mystification of true collectivisation. Confusions of this kind occurred in Spain, also. in certain milieu of revolutionary collectivists. This is not surprising since it is difficult to shake off ancient prejudices from even the most sublime ideas.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Introduction to Maximum Advantage Collection by Travis B. Part 14

This text focuses on the mechanisms that are available for the transmittal of a “technical morality”. This morality is inherently artificial, and thus dependent on the continual transmission of associations and relationships to overcome the natural resistance of society’s psychological membrane (or contact vector). In an effort to recreate society, and distribute equality amongst the community, it is important that we recognize the principle of population density. The close proximity of a culture of ideas and beliefs that we believe in inherently necessitates a will to action. Without the deliberate de-construction of our personal life references, this anti-natural and artificial “technical morality” will continue to lead us blindly towards someone else’s predetermined end. Our true potential can not be realized in a state of artificial contentment, defined by a lack of reference as well as substance.

A study of how propaganda works, its goals and results, its strengths and weaknesses, as well as its products, enables us to understand how we have been led to believe we will benefit from its devices. The understanding that its benefits are actually secondary to its actual goals will then provide us with a more balanced understanding of how a theory of society actually works. The Mother and Father Archetypes will continually pursue new materials to maintain their existence, but we have the ability to control the rate and form of the materials supplied, inevitably shaping our communities. As a result, we will then become the parental figures in charge of our destiny.

End of Introduction to Maximum Advantage Collection.

Comments are welcome.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Introduction to Maximum Advantage Collection by Travis B. Part 13

The Tribes of Israel were built through a series of associations that permeated the contact vectors of the Jewish community’s forefathers. This association as a historic people was maintained through the trials and tribulations suffered upon the Jewish people, during the six thousand years of their existence. The state of Israel is just a natural result of this group identification, united through a Zionist movement that will unite their people and provide a sanctuary from future threats to their way of life.

The preceding graph illustrates how SRL’s theory of “contact vectors” relates to the transmission of information. Research available on the Jewish community provides an example of how contact vectors’ permeability directly relate to population density and the transmission of morality. The greater proportion of the Jewish community reside around metropolitan areas. Of higher population density than outlying country areas, the urban Jewish population contains an observed increase in group identification as well as participation in the Jewish culture. This can be explained by the availability of associations and relationships that are available to identify with the surrounding Jewish community. These identifying markers are transmitted through the individual’s contact vectors, eventually binding the larger Jewish community together through a series of transmitted associations. In many circumstances these associations would simply be considered culture.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Introduction to Maximum Advantage Collection by Travis B. Part 12

Jewish Attitudes As An Expression of Geographical Location and Identity Formation.

Jewish Attitudes As An Expression of Geographical Location and Identity Formationby Travis B. (2001) based on Jewish Perceptions of Anti-Semitism.
edited by Gary A. Tobin and J. Sassler. NY: Plenum Publishing, 1988.;
Heilman, Samuel C. Portrait of American Jews: The Last Half of the 20th Century.
Wash: University of Washington Press, 1995.

"Contact Vectors" as a platform for "Maximum Advantage"

A discussion of "contact vectors" is integral to the attempted rebirth of our social selves. SRL's theory proposes that these "contact vectors" represent the permeable areas of society's psychological membrane. As an available site for synaptic transmission, these contact vectors contain an electrical or moral charge relative to the information that permeates it. As a result, the information transmitted to each contact vector must contain similar moral qualities in order to permeate the psychological membrane.

Population density directly affects the effectiveness as well as efficiency of these contact vectors. The denser the population, the more easily the transmitted information is accessible to the target group. It requires a largely complex local and federal government to transmit the moral and judicial codes of its institutions, but regional beliefs are transmitted just as effectively within a less formalized context. The success of information transmittal is dependent on the permeability or receptiveness of the target population. Information that is important for the immediate safety of a given region is more easily digested by that community than another region 3000 miles away. The fact that the immediate region is possibly in danger facilitates its reception of new information regarding that threat.

Consider the transmission of information within an ethnic minority group. Each group member has a system of beliefs, convictions, and ideals that are similar to the other members of their group. These beliefs and convictions are what bind these groups together, and create the sense of a common experience. Consider the Jewish population, for example. Through six thousand years of persecution, these courageous people have united together and created the state of Israel. Banished throughout the world, the Jewish people have continued to see themselves as a family, defined through their similar history of persecution, ethnic identity, and religious convictions.