Saturday, August 18, 2012

You Are An Ant!

Even if one pulls the strings in the center of the swarm, one is still just an ant.


Pulling the strings
in the middle of the swarm
is still just an ant

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Deescalate the Fallout

Veteran Seattle cop accused of using excessive force.  By provoking an angry mob, especially in an age where everyone's phone is a video recorder, his brazen assaults made every cop on-site a potential target. The next time (and for police there is always a next time), rather than angry words, the crowd may have turned violent.  ("Hey, it's those pigs!")  By turning in their fellow officer, they are attempting to deescalate the fallout.  In a heavily armed society, the next confrontation may potentially involve gunfire. If these actions were in a closed setting, absent an angry mob, the officers would look the other way. Psychos are sometimes useful (few cops really want to be the first cop to kick in a door), so they are tolerated if they can maintain control in public situations.