Sunday, July 31, 2005

NTGNTP (6th Draft): POWER AND NEGATION Part 6.2.1

2. On Cognition and Economics:

Cognition concerns the perception of the internal and external world. Accordingly, depression is regarded largely a matter of (falsely) negative perception. Hence, overcoming its effects are accomplished by replacing negative with positive perceptions and notions. Illogical inconsistencies wither in the light of reason. Obstacles are challenges, rather than overwhelming impossibilities. This view can be helpful. However, cognition has been exploited by others than clinical psychologists, namely propagandists and economists. By comparison, propaganda actions are almost esoteric compared with economic applications. The reality concerning money cannot be ignored. Worldwide class struggle has been over the base premise of haves v. have nots, where currency defines the situation. The United States, despite the racial masquerade, is no exception. Economics are always the heart of these conflicts. Cheap labor has always been desired by ruling capital. Albeit guided, the lower echelons fight over the pecking order for the scraps tossed from above. Once brute measures, including slavery and indentured servitude, were deemed socially unacceptable throughout the industrialized world, wages became the means for controlling labor. Early trade unions were formed to deal with capital on behalf of the workers, which essentially legitimized the wage system. In the United States, the struggle eased somewhat with the outbreak of World War II. Available jobs exceeded supply. Unions agreed to forego strikes. The result has been a steady decline in the power of unions after the war, and continues to the present. This could only be accomplished by high levels of economic prosperity. The price was debt. War can prove an economic bounty, but a cold war leaves a hugh surplus in weapons. These products were built never to be used, and cannot be sold. Once their justification ceased, the weapons industry was forced to downsize. The effects are far reaching. The lower-paid service economy will not absorb the difference. Hence, more debt is required to maintain stability. Credit has become the rule, rather than the exception, which only prolongs the situation. Meanwhile, the wealthy continue to grow richer, while the rest stagnate. This short-sighted policy could eventually prove disastrous. Consumerist culture is regarded eternal, but the bill will someday come due. Considering interest, the final price will be high, and may collapse the status quo. An economic highwire act will be necessary to prolong timing, but eventually entropy will reign. Static solutions will ensure a slow downward spiral into the murk of defunct bastard-capitalism. Once the specter of nuclear war was most menacing. Now economic chaos and environmental degradation have taken its place. The quick death has been replaced by the slow. The solutions required must move beyond the cogitative.

Friday, July 29, 2005

NTGNTP (6th Draft): POWER AND NEGATION Part 6.1.0

1. On the Nature of Propagation and Negation of Power:

An Argument might be advanced concerning a correlation between many social ills and the repressed killing instinct of the human animal. Most never even kill their own meat. Meat is primal. Meat is both sign and symbol of prosperity. The clever might exploit the readily available supply, thus bolstering claims of economic strength. The absence of meat might even cause the population to revolt. The Soviet Union may have expired by discontent over shortages. Meat would not prove least. On the other hand, an over-abundance may be regarded as a sign of decadence. Consumers do not generally appreciate the consequence, significance and natural beauty of the food chain. Reactionary vegetarian is an un-natural response to this anti-natural situation. Meat is not the problem, rather its easy availability to a sedentary populace. Vegan anti-meat propaganda is almost nihilistic. These people have turned their backs on nature. Few could support their diet without the benefits of industrial agriculture and transportation networks. The decision against eating meat is appropriate for dietary concerns, or among those who can kill. Our divorce from nature has left this society complacent. The machine provides -- halting it would mean the death of most. Readapting is simple, especially with well made survival equipment. Every person should experience the wilderness in all its glory. A few serious camping expeditions could offset a century of conditioning. The alternative might someday prove a self-imposed death sentence. One need not fall prey to circumstances. Simply do not accept the present as permanent. Most real advances occur for those not static. Stagnation is a chosen reality. Stopping short is a comfortable cheat -- security is fleeting. In theory, social mechanisms can force change, but fundamental notions are more resistant. Perception may be manipulated and modified by aforementioned propaganda techniques. The herd desires the familiar, while cosmetic change has been packaged beyond its reality. Real change could be downplayed using reverse mechanisms. In a society where image rules, the power belongs to those controlling perception. Equality and freedom are examples. Their antithesis is often used as a false comparison. Fear has been capitalized for purposes of division, and conquest. The herd mentality certainly facilitates the ease (note again the complete lack of ethics in a moral society). Lies are easily swallowed, but not the individual. Even as entertainment would have us believe the opposite, individual initiative beyond the economic is discouraged. The nation and herd must be sacrificed for self and species. The sustaining myths and lies, such as progress, exist only for those choosing to believe. None exist without reason. The social order supports these values, but may be negated at the source. The big lie is different than the sum of its parts. No real secrets have been divulged here. Imposed perception may evaporate like mist under a hot desert sun. Their exposure blunt or negates their effects. Those still clinging deserve their fate as mutton. A choice has been made to live within lies. Ethical constraints are moot: give them the fate over which they crave. Food is food. One must realize the danger and utility represented by those insistent on remaining fodder. These sort drag anything greater down. Their interests may be negated by a simple act of will. Identical conclusions are valid when no bound by fear. Respect will follow, making all battles less bloody. Violent struggle will never end in a species of carnivores, but can be minimized. The concept of nations is drenched in blood, and deserves toppling. Extinction is the only destination on that dead end road. Only a fool believes in divine inspiration. Drive must come from within. Rejecting state and leaving the herd offers life. One may walk through walls, even while appearing to respect those boundaries imposed by force. Tearing them down will only result in incarceration or execution. Rebellion needs a revaluation. Those days are over. Many obstacles cease their importance by refusing to acknowledge their existence. Power may be revoked more sublimely in the information age. Armed struggle is unnecessary and unneeded. Troops in the streets are bad for business. One must accept the passing of rebellion, or be stomped into dirt. Rebels are been broken and made tools, or left rotting. Futile gestures are no substitute for freedom. Existence is possible beyond fear. Many chains will simply disappear, leaving only skeletal remains. These may be toppled into a pile of bones. The real battles are now fought on the edge of perception for the mind. Vulnerability may exist under closer inspections. Altering mass perception could even bring around a mitigated collapse. The power elite does not even control its own machine or even the direction. Technique has superseded control. Many fabricated illusions would portray otherwise. Stop marching in line. The machine is unprepared to deal with the inherently inefficient. Let it finally know fear. A new machine might arise from the ashes of the old, but that will give some purpose for another fight. Authority warrants constant challenges, even after it breaks. The best approach is negation. Turn outward by turning inward.

Neither the Government Nor the Population (6th Draft) - Chapter 5: DATA

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Thursday, July 28, 2005

NTGNTP (6th Draft): DATA Part 5.10.0

10. On Military Propaganda and Civilian Order:

Televised warfare makes the remote horrors of war accessible, though surreal. Killing is trivialized by transforming three dimensional life into a two dimensional image. Still, cameras do have a impact for the opposition by bringing the war home. Perhaps the audience may still relate to those familiar components. Military censors have learned to limit graphic content on a personal scale (unless highlighting a supposed enemy atrocity), while emphasizing bombing runs (which appear like advanced video games). The aftermath is further limited to enemy surrenders. Photo opportunities measure success. The civilian population becomes desensitized to official brutality on all levels by bulk exposure. One dead soldier looks pretty much like another. Cops are supposed to beat prisoners. Unity is promoted by lowest common denominator jingoistic drumbeats and everyone can feel good about killing. Techniques are constantly improving. The propaganda mill learns from past mistakes. Vietnam will be the last public relations disaster. Victories will be quick and limited to appear decisive. The enemy can even be left in place. Defeats are simply a lack of national will. Propaganda specifically facilitates control, and extend beyond immediate uses. The military first gained acceptance then became blurred with the police. The war on drugs may now be fought with actual troops. No eyebrows are lifted during martial law decrees. A society dulled by diversionary stimuli more readily accepts the police state. The same methods developed during the cold war have been turned to other, more immediate uses. Stalin's KGB would be proud, even while superceded. The secret police are unnecessary. The opposition only squabbles over its piece of the greater lie. Nothing concrete exists to rise above, only ideals and economics. The likes of Robert Oppenheimer will never be seen again, only unfairly accused dupes like Lenard Peltier. Status above and beyond the childish whining of privileged children will not be found in a decadent society. Those sort deserve a bullet, but their position ensures the opposite. Meanwhile the rest rot. Control is easy to maintain without significant opposition leadership. Figureheads make good target practice. The best and worst are made equal when nothing exists for which to fight. Per-packaged superficialities only deserve a tired yawn. The underlying support structure is another matter. One must see under the shiny veneer. The satisfaction alone is worth the trouble. Empty alternatives mean nothing. The party line is only so much tinsel. The sublime path is following ones own destiny, not cheering celebrations of slaughter. The propaganda is worth ignoring, thereby putting its purveyors out of work. Their kind deserves and requires obsolescence, just like their jack-booted forbearers.

End of Part 5.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

NTGNTP (6th Draft): DATA Part 5.9.0

9. Never permit or allow the trains to arrive on time. Efficiency is the enemy of personal empowerment. Singapore anyone?

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

NTGNTP (6th Draft): DATA Part 5.8.0

8. Crackdowns are the result of policy decisions, but sometime betrays weakness and past indecision. Repression may prove a useful indicator of the extent, once the media spotlight has been lifted. Euphanisms are employed to ease impact. The gulf war was called an operation. Vietnam-era unrest was blunted by tighter restrictions, deemed essential for nation security. Opposition was downplayed as too negative or a tolerated right. Policy makers often learn from their mistakes, but must first overcome systemic inertia. The new opportunities are exploitable until changed. The past will not reoccur. The government is not as decadent as society. The opposition must be even less.

Monday, July 25, 2005

NTGNTP (6th Draft): DATA Part 5.7.0

7. A Short Lesson:

The map is not the place; the place is not the map. Fluidity in thought and opinion are important, but only when worthwhile. Symbolism can obscure truth. Image has been promoted over substance: so be it.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

NTGNTP (6th Draft): DATA Part 5.6.0

6. On linear thinking:

For any system, the sum of its parts are different from the whole, not merely greater. Fallacies adopted by linear thinking result in failure to comprehend complex systems. Linear systems exist almost exclusively on paper, the remainder are special instances of a more general case. Mathematically a system with more than two bodies has no exact solution. Larger systems produce perturbations. Superposition will only simplify linear cases. Conspiracies rarely succeed for this same reason. A maxim for power: events must be reacted appropriately and exploited for maximum advantage. However, the illusion of conspiracy can serve a useful mask for inadequacies and portrayal of greater power. It's simple to claim responsibility after the fact. Image has been promoted equivalent to reality. The territory is not the map. One may exploit those failing to see otherwise, which is basic advertising principle. Linear thinking sells by reduction. Acceptance is a learned response become automatic. This cornerstone may be undermined. The population will not be educated. Most do not wish to listen. Simply use that which has been provided to different ends. Carpe Diem.

One might choose following general trends to their obvious conclusion, then insert it undoing or undermining. Be mindful, the longer lasting trends are most entrenched and difficult to influence. Random variables may intercede. One may see the forest, but the details may prove elusive. Larger trends should serve as a guide. Victory is always dependant upon resources. Rigidity must be avoided, while celebrating uncertainty. Delusions are for tools. The ease may prove laughable.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

NTGNTP (6th Draft): DATA Part 5.5.0

5. Officially sponsored rebellion is the market response to unsanctioned rebellious impulses. Profit may be gained by this approach. Otherwise, both accomplish little. True power is refusing to acknowledge imposed constraints and limitations, opposed to their mere defilement. A law is made to be ignored, not broken. This notion may prove unsettling for some. For example, mainstream environmentalism views the planet as a series of loses and gains. Dissatisfied with lukewarm moderation, monkeywrench environmentalism seeks the further step, such as destroying logging equipment, making the operation unprofitable. Despite its charms, such action generally leads nowhere. The perpetrators are arrested and criminally portrayed. Their crimes are made examples, and their damage is covered by insurance. A false conclusion is promulgated: the opposite of criminals must be supported, lest anarchy prevail. Instead, let the car rust while building with stone. The planet will survive humanity. Conservation and other delaying actions only encourage the same old consumptive patterns. Aluminum cans will not disappear from landfills. Some future enterprise will mine the trash. Altering the old will only prolong the inevitable. The mechanisms are only useful for combat, not peaceful change, and their uses have already been determined. Forging new tools will only make the job harder. The path of least resistance is taken for optimal effect.

Friday, July 22, 2005

NTGNTP (6th Draft): DATA Part 5.4.0

4. Computers can be an important and useful tool. Care must be taken to avoid seeing more than a binary sequence of 1s and 0s. The motivations and gains expected by the programmers warrants questioning. Even the best simulations are incomplete. Computer literacy curriculums emphasize only operation and programming languages. Understanding is crucial, but the question seems forgotten. The computer should be regarded akin to a hammer. Use both wisely.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

NTGNTP (6th Draft): DATA Part 5.3.0

3. Pity those who speak with another's voice; feel sorrow for those heads filled only with the thoughts of influence; mourn for wasted potential; never trust. These types are dangerous, like a spinning saw blade. Their reasoning abilities have been discarded, and may be manipulated even against self-interest and preservation. In fact, numbers should be exploited for maximum advantage: six of one, half dozen of another. Their choice has been the herd, but the ends can differ. Their conditioning is fertile ground for those possessing proper means and methods. Those seizing upon populist notions have an inkling of the technique. Greater success requires more contempt. The individual must learn the skills for resisting and even employing propaganda. Social conditioning is just another term for long range propaganda susceptibility; a pre-conditioning for the actual goals. Any image must mirror the original for greatest acceptance. New notions or fads may be requires to overcome inertia. Familiarity will receive less critical attention, and may be unconsciously absorbed. Cosmetics and semantics are crucial. Short attention spans will increase the likelihood. The idea will be regarded eternal. A seed of doubt may be planted to weaken both state and herd. Popular ideals can be vivisected in the same manner their opposition was refuted. Glass may prove more valuable whole than smashing it.

Similar approaches have largely failed by becoming co-opted by selling out to big money interests. A new trend will simply be bought. The old will not be considered worthy of such attention, only existing in its background niche. The highest bid is not always the best. Capitalism provides avenues for which Soviet dissidents would have bartered their souls. One must understand promotion.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

NTGNTP (6th Draft): DATA Part 5.2.0

2. Technology dulls the intellect and facilitates the lowest common denominator by several means. First, the species is isolated from the base physical world. The anti-natural has superceded the natural by its allure of security and comfort. The weak survive. This state may not always be maintained, and could lead to unpleasant consequences for those unable to cope with anything else. Second, the playing field is leveled. The exceptional are made equal with the mediocre. Striving has become equivalent with surviving. Both are weakened in this process, by confusing the aims and goals. Third, technology provides a medium for dissemination stimuli with little or negative value. A million theatrical deaths discount the reality, thereby making it both palatable and potable. Anything may be reduced to it market value. The above three arguments may be only slightly restated, regarding politics or Christianity. Both have been the subject of past wars. Will technology be the scapegoat for future conflicts? Warfare is the process of natural selection among the human herd animal. Removing these causes would not end war. New justifications would arise or be created. Of course, the elimination of the herd might be an entirely different matter. We really like killing each other, but the instincts regarding war might be lessened in scale (if not intensity). Feuding is less nauseating. Physically killing someone is far mare personal than collateral damage. One must have the courage to face, even embrace, their own destructive drives. The herd mentality would have no influence over such individuals. Heroes are no longer needed, only created for propaganda purposes. The genuine article needs returning, rather than servile machines. Extinction is a deserved potential for those failing this task.

Refuse to be a lemming!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

NTGNTP (6th Draft): DATA Part 5.1.3

Knowledge is valuable when utilized alongside wisdom and insight for properly understanding it significance. Misplaced information leads to a poorly substituted refuge of lies. Limits are created where none exist, such as the political spectrum and laws. Blind adoption binds one in chains. Exploitation is easy. The fleeting false path is best left untrodden. The enemies of self-determination will eventually begin to believe their own lies, and wither by their power. The battle may be won without lifting a finger. The self will overcome the dictates of herd and authority by discovering its own truths. Morality rarely has the best interests of anything beyond the herd. Passivity over independence; equality over individuality; acceptance over thought; stagnation over advancement; indeed, death over life are its dictates. These abominations may be resisted easily by an act of will, then vanquished. Freedom is thinking: Let that be your light through the darkness. The dawn will reveal little substance, for most power derives from instilled belief with little basis. The desperate remainder, failing this task, will be easily dealt with one way or another, by those who have seen the daybreak.

Neither the Government Nor the Population (6th Draft) - Chapter 4: RELATED CONCERNS

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Monday, July 18, 2005

NTGNTP (6th Draft): DATA Part 5.1.2

An old cliche states "truth is subjective." Those truths applicable to oneself must be determined, along with those greater. The definitions may be supplied externally. The individual must learn and acknowledge those greater truths, thereby determining their own place in its scheme. Powerlessness must be seen and dealt with accordingly. Most just turn a blind eye. Lacking context, information may be manipulated to ensnare those unwilling or unable to determine its uses. Gains and loses must be appropriately assessed for accurate conclusions regarding content. Forced reliance upon interpreters must be resisted on every level. The news is a mouthpiece for capital interests, and will always reflect this stance. Discourse is often the path to truth. Its divisive effect is uncontrolled and therefore discouraged by those with something to lose. An objectionable or even repugnant notion may stimulate far greater than the comfortable or agreeable. Of course, this should not be confused with agitation techniques employed by propaganda. One must question themselves, or be content with fear and ignorance. Unfortunately, academia is among the worst places to look for guidance. Cloistered, pretentious and even parasitic, academia is dogmatic to the extreme of stupidity. Generalization is frowned upon and esteemed less than compartmentalized specialization. Linkages remain unseen or are ignores, resulting in incorrect or incomplete conclusions. Big money has invaded academic circles, thereby directing its course and encouraging ignorance beyond the unprofitable. The arrogance is also sickening: academia digs its own grave.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

NTGNTP (6th Draft): DATA Part 5.1.1

Chapter 5


1. On Information Manipulation: a Warning

The importance paid informational access is overstressed in relation to the actual ability to digests its significance. Data, taken out of context, lacks meaning and leads to erroneous assumptions regarding absolutes. The computer has been marketed as the savior of the technological society. Instead, the computer skews balance by encouraging blind acceptance of the mountains of often meaningless data, disgorged by electronic media. An opportunist would be ill-advised not to exploit those so limited. Public education stresses operation over enabling students to actually question validity. This situation progressively worsens by increased reliance of computers in the classroom. Interpersonal skills and intellectual ability are compromised by the lack of human interaction in understaffed schools. A computer cannot think, or respond creatively. However, computers are cheaper and less demanding than real teachers. A computer does not strike or require medical benefits. Meanwhile, the wealthy mostly send their children to private schools, which actually educate. Rote memorization is no substitute for actually learning and stimulating thought. One must know the right questions. The educated elite generally understand the situation, but few have motivation or wish their positions compromised to upset the status quo. The system provides nicely for those people. Why bite the hand that feeds? Informed decisions prevent one from becoming a tool. Instincts can be valuable, but sometimes logically flawed. True education and life experience enable one to tell reality from fallacy. One must understand self-motivation and knowledge to successfully combat emotional manipulation. This could be considered the anti-thesis of docility. The chains that bind are made of bits and bytes of meaningless data. One must know more than just to question. Blind questioning is the providence of rebels. A rebel is only a slave with delusions of freedom. Rebellion might offer fertile ground for independent thought, but most rebels are mere tools to those they despise. Rebels have always made effective examples. Effort must be expended beyond revolt. Thought is required for true progression. One must consider the practical. Idealism is the dead-end prevention of substantive change. Fluidity does not come easily to a society made rigid by the dictates of herd-morality.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

NTGNTP (6th Draft): RELATED CONCERNS Part 4.6.0

The following was writted in 1995 as a means of keeping "Neither the Government Nor the Population - 6th Draft" from being misused.

6. Equality v. Inequality:

Equality and inequality are hardly opposite extremes. Both states are forced by authority, and are only relative to one another. Either can be based upon reality or an irrational basis. Those perceived states may be disregarded or ignored, whereas those existent in truth must be overcome. Decrees are only words. Circumstances may provide challenges, thereby strengthening the deficiencies. Forced equality often finds theoretical, even popular appeal, but these situations may not actually respect truth. Communist states were all impeded by their ideologies concerning equality. Democracies have been ruined from the beginning. Talk means nothing. In capitalist societies, the wealthy have a stronger voice and carry greater weight than the lower classes. Sometimes associations will allow the semblance, which will be discarded once its uses have waned. Equality and inequality both offer a challenge -- to stand apart from the pack. The imposed states stifle individual spirit. A recent example is the curious and nauseating realm called political correctness. Language is subverted by allowing semantics to force equality, thereby making all the same. Those disagreeing are labeled, and categorized deficient i.e. inequal.[42] Propaganda is shoved down the gullet, and discourse discouraged. This would appear a rather pathetic attempt at fascism. The bleak Orwellian picture has been painted over, supplanted with decadent notions, and now sparkles with freedom and tolerance. However, the lowest common denominator does not change simply through multiplying by a factor of 1. This system fails to give anyone any credence, which is not too surprising considering academic mediocrity. The world will indeed be improved by the death of the last idiotic ideals originally espoused during the 1960s. Different perspectives are often critical, and even fun. These kinds would trade idealistic ignorance for knowledge, and deserve nothing but contempt. The alternative is coping with different perspectives, and hopefully learning something in the process. Dogma is the realm reserved for dullards. The means differ according to each individual, and may be regarded unique. Common references are necessary for communication, but not always for thought. Hence, the political correct product speaks well, but thinks nothing. Even identical twins have separate personalities. Robots belong on assembly lines, not the class room. Mistakes are opportunities for learning, not mere chastisement. Victories contain flaws. Criticism need not be directed or taken personally. Emotional response may be conditioned and therefore suspect. The sublime would know their own self, and determine the source. Learning and growth is antithetical to stagnation and ignorance. Hesitation may give mixed results, but honest mistakes sometimes open far more doors. The secret is knowing action from inaction. The learned and innate each have merit. The instinctual does exist, otherwise how could one breath?[43] Even a veal can learn. Learning is the prime instinct of the human animal. Fear and terror may blunt the drive. Those extinguished are worse than dead. Accepted nonsense defines losers. Dread may be replaced with wonder. Even the immediate may not be entirely known, let alone the greater world. Easy answers simply cheapen the experience. Awareness is lost. Sometimes a specific weakness may offer better chances for success than an obvious strength. British imperialism was ended in India by such Strategies. Arrogance is no substitute for placed confidences. The strongest have the least to prove. Even weakness may be sublime. Our own evil is necessary. The possibilities are only self-limited. Homogeneity is stagnant and boring, whereas cultural diverse crap piles lessen the possibility of something greater. Eliminating supposed extremes can be stimulating. Pride is sometimes deserved. The herd morality must be suborted, or accept the fate of cattle. Uniqueness is not boring. Protection is a necessity. Firearms can be a useful tool, but the butt-end of a rifle may be as effective and potentially less tragic. The dead do not rise. Murder is a choice. Society did not pull the trigger. Misfortune provide opportunity. Natural laws can be utilized to widely different ends, but never subverted. The anti-natural is a decadent fraud. The stars burn for a reason. Thermonuclear weapons bring a little piece of the sun down on Earth. Some problems may not be ignored or glossed over by niceties. True equality is standing firm, not hiding behind paper. The greater rarely has the best interests of the individual. Fear incapacitates and enables tyranny better than any other element. Those drives may be harnessed. Illusions and lip service do not change realities concerning oppression and suppression. The blow is only softened. The inevitable is just dragged out. Death is the same in the end. Division is facilitated and encouraged. The tragedy of the marketplace has enabled oppression like no other. One actually pays to be kept down. Two dimensional imagery should not be according the same import as experience. Life is being superceeded by entertainment. The plug needs pulling. Even the alternatives offer nothing different. The images can prove useful by providing clues regarding weakness, but film is not the same as life. Money is invested in expectation of greater returns than numerical financial profit. The exploiters can be exploited. Propaganda represents art and science. False unity may be smashed like a ripe nut. The meat gained can be used for opposition. These methods can prove instructive. Investment is roughly proportional to importance. All news is art. The subtle indicate mythical reverence. This may be exploited for maximum advantage. Insight negates being tooled. Propaganda (and advertising) techniques have been developed based upon sound science, and implemented through artistic expression. Mild colorations may induce wildly different reactions. Upward views convey the superiority of the image; downward views portray a position of advantage. Profiles and perspectives can be manipulated for any number of purposes. O J Simpson certainly appeared more sinister on the cover of Time than Newsweek, even though it was the same picture. Hence, guilt opposed to confusion. The Gulf War offered a gross case study. Very few mainstream press sources have ever confronted the issue. The trivial has been given top priority. Meanwhile, we are free to buy all the worthless junk we don't need. Lame entertainment offers no choices. Pop-cultural rebellion is a demographic. Rock and Roll is big business. Televised religion is even worse. The drama is no longer even interesting. Suckers have made their choice. Real freedom includes failure. Con-artists teach valuable lessons. Jaded responses may be as ignorant as blind acceptance. The sublime have the courage to face the truth and then fly into its face. The consequences can always be mitigated. Most instead sweep failures under the rug. Reference points can always be changed. The low road may be less glamorous, but often provides the greatest reward. The price is not always worth paying. The sheltered are simply lost without going anywhere. Shit floats. Accomplishment is worth realizing. Less insults everyone. Self-reliance is difficult. The messenger is not the message. The context must always be accounted. Propaganda guides where no one wants to go, only gladly. Its development was no accident. The meanings within meanings are sometimes crucial. Quotes may be distorted to the point of actually saying the opposite. Neither Nietzsche nor Beethoven were Nazis. Their misusage does not discount their work, rather illuminated the perpetrators.[44] Resistance should not mean wholesale rejection. Small satisfactions may have deeper meaning than all society or economics hitherto. Hatreds should belong to oneself. Ignore imposed fears, and concentrate on those real. Conclusions should be pondered, rather than rejected because one feels uncomfortable. Possibilities are guesses; the future is unknown, but can be made. All scenarios warrant consideration. All dinosaurs are extinct for a reason. Avoid their death throws. The drawn out death is worse then the quick clean end, but sometimes only barely. Custer will be slain once again by those awake.

The end is unknown.

[42] Those speaking languages with masculine and feminine tenses, find this notion bizarre. Imagine french being emasculated to satisfy stupid people...

[43] Try smothering yourself if you doubt it.

[44] In fact, Nietzsche lamented ever writing his Zarathustra in German, lest it be used for aspirations of the Reich.

[End of Part 4.]

Friday, July 15, 2005

NTGNTP (6th Draft): RELATED CONCERNS Part 4.5.0

The following was writted in 1995 as a means of keeping "Neither the Government Nor the Population - 6th Draft" from being misused.

5. On Sexism:

Thursday, July 14, 2005

NTGNTP (6th Draft): RELATED CONCERNS Part 4.4.0

The following was writted in 1995 as a means of keeping "Neither the Government Nor the Population - 6th Draft" from being misused.

4. On Homosexuality:
Who cares?

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

NTGNTP (6th Draft): RELATED CONCERNS Part 4.3.0

The following was writted in 1995 as a means of keeping "Neither the Government Nor the Population - 6th Draft" from being misused.

3. On the greater issue of ripping-off cultures, and the lesser concerning "wanna-bes:"

Cultures have been toppled, crushed, externally redefined, eradicated, pillaged and even ignores throughout human history. Strife has been a constant factor in the human condition. Genocide is an entirely more recent matter. Previously, the vanquished were seen to posses something worthwhile. After all, why bother to conquer someone for nothing; even if only for rape, plunder or enslavement. Often the defeated were accorded some honor befitting enemies. The Romans flew the standards of their conquests, and even beneficially absorbed Greek culture. The great tragedy of the americas is the refusal to afford the same respect toward the vanquished native peoples. The indigenous cultures and people have been systematically eradicated. Only about 2% of the U.S. population can be considered native. Genocidal policy has been practiced with few exceptions throughout the western hemisphere. The survivors are steadily losing their heritage and identity. A few generations will see even these remains disappear. One should afford them the courtesy once given to those defeated, and let their once-proud cultures die in peace. Popular trivializations represent the final insult by consigning them to a worthless consumer fad. Suburban sweat lodges are a decadent affront to these memories. Western culture may seem weak, but spitting on the few survivors of genocide is not an improvement. Rather, it doubly confirms the decline. Restraint has been supplanted with pathetic angst-filled spirituality. Too much has already been taken.

Genuine character and beliefs are respectable. Slumming "wanna-bes" only invite contempt and scorn for their fakery. Even flattering imitation is condescending toward those with little or nothing but their identity. The paranoid may even become suspicious of motive. If one rejects the mainstream it should be created anew. Decadence is no real answer in response to a deteriorating society. One must employ sentience rather than flight or fight reaction. The sickness can be easily driven out by employing the fore-brain. Even pacifism may sometimes prove optimal, rather than fighting someone else's battles. However absolutes negate survival and should be avoided. Commodification is the worst sin. Bastard Capitalism can and will buy and sell anything. Sometimes the price is too high. Western symbolism is unique and certainly has characteristics worth acknowledging. A few things could be learned from the native cultures, besides a dollar value. Strength lies in character, not farcical observances. Marketing scams can damage. Respect is earned, not purchased. Pretentious attitudes mean nothing. Native art and ritual has meaning beyond the banal avant-guard fraud. Self-pity is worthless and disgusting. It demonstrates the lack of will. Death is a preferable alternative, having more real meaning than a stupid fad. The monsters can be ground into dust by those with strength. Otherwise eat cyanide, and clear the path for those more able. The first step is a hard, fast and resounding "NO!" The remainder requires hard work, not trendy illusion. Stagnation is the real enemy.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

NTGNTP (6th Draft): RELATED CONCERNS Part 4.2.0

The following was writted in 1995 as a means of keeping "Neither the Government Nor the Population - 6th Draft" from being misused.

2. Race is a logical irrelevancy, used for manipulation and control. Agitation must be easily spawned, and aggression directed toward desired targets. The Romans first applied this technique toward the Carthegians. Skin color and other physical features are nothing but climatic adaptations. Only extremes will set various peoples apart. The Innuit have qualities suitable for extreme cold. Arabs can suffer through desert heat. However, individuals may acclimate over time. Generally, these things are little noticed, except when called to attention. Propaganda has been built upon old ignorances. Depending upon the desired outcome, these may be built or ridiculed (often at the same time). Entertainment and news are useful tools for these ends. One would be advised to treat both as fantasy. Do not confuse the base issues, especially the economic. The benefits and rewards inherent in experiencing the possibilities of humanity are the only needed incentive. Fear is ignorance. The lies used for maintaining this state are easily combatted: simply ignore them. Very little remains...

Monday, July 11, 2005

NTGNTP (6th Draft): RELATED CONCERNS Part 4.1.0

The following was writted in 1995 as a means of keeping "Neither the Government Nor the Population - 6th Draft" from being misused.

1. The American Ethnicity:

Since our apish ancestors first left the trees and began their roamings, populations have continually mixed and intermingled. The result has always been a stronger breed. Ideas and practices are exchanged, adopted or traded. Inbreeding is reduced and its dangers alleviated. The last five centuries have witnessed an acceleration hitherto never before seen. New ethnicities have arisen from the old. The Western Hemisphere has become the proverbial melting pot of the world. Many nationalities have become associated with these new peoples, such as the Mexican and Jamaican. The United States has been an exception. An American Ethnicity does indeed exist, although has been ignored in the interests of national unity and allegiance. Various subgroups are separately identified and pitted against each other. This situation requires all to look for a central authority for guidance and dispute resolution. The core issues are always economic while wearing many different masks, even among those involved. An American may have ancestors from diverse backgrounds, being essentially a mutt. The implications being that even if one is not an "American," distant relatives may be found who are indeed American. Almost anyone can be one. This idea has several implications. First, immigration must be restricted by total numbers, rather than subtotals, which is presently the case. Racism becomes nullified, thereby effectively undermining nationalistic agendas. The flag is no longer a rallying point, rather the all-inclusive American Ethnicity. War becomes more difficult to justify and wage. Class and cultural issues are more easily resolved. Prejudice is reduced. Totalitarian measures need no longer be applied. The great unmentioned can serve as a basis for respect, rather than racial dissension. Dignity replaces patriotism.
Of course, most would rather see the situation in the same old terms. Few would admit the source of their beliefs...

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Presenting Chumpfish Main Site

Presenting Chumpfish Main Site

I now have a Chumpfish Main Site. Hopefully, this new site will compliment my blogs and make my writing and other works more accessible. In addition, several of my co-conspirators will be along for the ride, including Travis B. and Captain Lightning.

***Self-Indulgent Bullshit Alert***

This site will also feature discussions (and links) concerning propaganda, and miscellaneous stuff I would not claim as my own were it not my most brutal art (usually written after another idiot tried to kill me on the highway--it beats road rage). If you can't offend everyone (including yourself), without resorting to lazy mediocre cheap shots, then why bother? The shadow has to fall somewhere. It might as well be shade.

***End Self-Indulgent Bullshit Alert***

I will continue to make posts here and my other blogs.


Friday, July 08, 2005

Neither the Government Nor the Population (6th Draft) - Chapter 3: FACTORS

Chapter 3: Factors

Chapter 3.1.1
Chapter 3.1.2
Chapter 3.1.3
Chapter 3.1.4
Chapter 3.1.5
Chapter 3.2.0
Chapter 3.3.0
Chapter 3.4.1
Chapter 3.4.2

Partial Bibliography

Bibliography #1
Bibliography #2
Bibliography #3
Bibliography #4
Bibliography #5

On the 4GW FMFM-1A Draft 1: Corruption

On the 4GW FMFM-1A Draft 1: Corruption

William S. Lind: FMFM 1-A, Fourth Generation War, Is Now Available.

I read the 4GW FMFM-1A Draft, posted last week on Defense and the National Interest, and found it interesting and informative. It's nice to see some people still have brains. I appreciate their sense of honor. I'm not sure a decadent society can produce the significant numbers required.

I am obviously not a military type. However, I am someone who has lived in the middle of a few gang wars (as a neutral observer) and seen some of tactics of which they speak, and the police response (or lack thereof). My comments are directed along those lines. I will be intentionally vague about certain details. I know when to shut my mouth in return for a certain kind of freedom.

The theme is about de-escalation. Who needs more enemies?

I will present an excerpt, and then give my notes as a response.

Also Thoughts on FMFM 1-A. First comments, by an anonymous observer. I agreed with much of it. Bureaucracies do not allow discretionary funds. It will lead to corruption (see below and Here.)


"Its only purpose is to further our understanding of Fourth Generation war in ways that are useful to those Americans who have to fight such wars, including Marines."

What can I say?

Excerpt: "For Marines in Fourth Generation situations, the policeman is a more appropriate model than the soldier. Soldiers are taught that, if they are not achieving the result they want, they should escalate: call in more troops, more firepower, tanks, artillery, aviation, etc. In this respect Marines may find their own training for war against other state armed forces works against them. Marines must realize that in Fourth Generation war, escalation almost always works to the advantage of their opponents. We cannot stress this point too strongly. Marines must develop a "de-escalation mindset," along with supporting tactics and techniques."

About 10 years ago, I witnessed a turf battle by two entirely different gangs over control of a primary crack cocaine sales point. One side were crazy locals; the other was a group of African veterans. Before the party was brought to an end by federal intervention, I saw that corner change hands several times. The locals employed hit-and-run tactics in muscle cars (always driven by women). A kid blown away in the front yard, after trying to rip them off over crack, was tossed in a trunk. They were long gone by the time the police arrived. You can bet the crabs fed well. The opposition ran their operation on foot like a military operation. They would place pickets and use hand signals. They knew how to shoot. The police did not dare bother either, provided nobody had any reason to call. Their patrols were timed. The drug dealers took a break. I never locked my door. The gang members would warn us to get off the street. Except for the inter-gang violence, a kind of order was maintained. Too much money was to be had. Some police had closer working relationships. Quiet can be the result of official corruption. I have seen cops guard their pet crack dealers. Eventually, the two gangs became so violent with each other the feds had to take them out. The less violent remnants quietly drew turf lines that are now rarely violated. Of course, the corruption remains. This type of tactic will lead to corruption.

Excerpt: "De-escalation and proportionality in turn require Marines to be able to empathize with the local people. If they regard the local population with contempt, this contempt will carry over into their actions. Empathy cannot simply be commanded; developing it must be part of Marines' training."

Act decently and you'll probably find others do the same. However, bad apples can ruin the whole barrel (see above.) 4GW forces often fund their activites through drug sales. Corruption is inevitable.

Considerations and Digressions

Considerations and Digressions #1
Considerations and Digressions #2-4
Considerations and Digressions #5
Considerations and Digressions #6-7


Factors 1a
Factors 1b
Factors 1c
Factors 2-3
Factors 4

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Neither the Government nor the Population (6th Draft): FACTORS Part 3.4.2

This society smothers much individual potential under an overwhelming mass of ideals. Love is not the pinnacle of existence. Our history proves it. The capacity is simply beaten out of human beings. Else men would not fight wars, and women would not be consumed by the trivial. Hatred is a Que. Love has been extroverted and cheapened by narcissistic absorption. Impossible expectations destroy much, and limit the remainder. Unrealism could be the true cause of much considered immoral by the herd. High intensity can usually not be maintained, rather a natural waning towards maturity. The perfect state does not exist even though many expect it. Paradoxically, social pressures cause many to accept even less. Hence, misery is preserved. The sublime is ignored and obscured by non-issues. Life is lost in this process. Suppression and repression are both cheats. Those crappy products should remain unsold. Decadence has some advantages. Ostracism is no longer a concern for those who reject, but most will never even realize the advantage.

If personal lives cannot even be maintained with any equilibrium, the rest will soon follow (although differently).

End of Part 3.

Maximum Advantage Collection Conclusions

A Conclusion - One
A Conclusion - Two
A Conclusion - Three
A Conclusion - Four

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Neither the Government nor the Population (6th Draft): FACTORS Part 3.4.1

4. On Socialization:

Every culture and society prioritized and promotes behavior patterns deemed acceptable, thereby promoting a level of unity in deed, if not thought. Morality represents a tool to those ends. Those things regarded undesirable are considered immoral, and discouraged by varied means. Western ideals concerning love and romance are an example. Other cultures would view these as strange or even immoral. Arranged marriages are still the rule in some regions of the world. The barriers may be malleable, but the extreme will almost always invite condemnation. "Living in sin" might be an outdated concept, but marital betrayal is still regarded unacceptable. Penalties may change, but standards erode slower. Adultery might not be punishable by the stocks, but few approve. One failing might be ridiculed, where elsewhere they would be praised for the exact same behavior. Moral absolutes exist only for the nearsighted. One might be best advised to concentrate on true priorities. All else is decadence. Fulfillment comes from within, despite advertisements to the contrary.

Follow The Path of Least Resistance

Follow The Path of Least Resistance 1-3
Follow The Path of Least Resistance 4-5
Follow The Path of Least Resistance 6-8
Follow The Path of Least Resistance 9-10
Follow The Path of Least Resistance 11-End

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Neither the Government nor the Population (6th Draft): FACTORS Part 3.3.0

3. Simultaneous division and unity is the key for the maintenance of authoritarian control. A significant act of will is required to break this circle. One must acknowledge the source of their (false) beliefs. No must mean more than a two letter word. Its consequences may prove resounding and possibly fatal. One should take care to be removed. Herein lies the difficulty: actually removing the shackles without simply replacing them with a shiny new substitute, or a coffin.

The State is Doomed!

The State is Doomed! 1-3
The State is Doomed! 4-7
The State is Doomed! 8-10
The State is Doomed! 11-14
The State is Doomed! 15-17
The State is Doomed! 18-19
The State is Doomed! 20
The State is Doomed! 21-23
The State is Doomed! 24-26

Monday, July 04, 2005

Neither the Government nor the Population (6th Draft): FACTORS Part 3.2.0

2. On Money:

A slow push has already begun towards a cashless society. A cashless society is easier to regulate, tax and control. Even panhandling would be affected, forcing the dispossessed into the sterile embrace of the machine. A cashless society must either be combatted, or expedited to bring its end quicker. Actual physical commodities will be necessary for barter under the nose of the monetary system. A certificate of ownership, including money, is just paper. Legal tender can be nullified. Crime prevention will justify this action. The noose is always tightened. Big brother does not need video surveillance; economic means will suffice. Certain loopholes will always exist for the benefit of the wealthy. These should be exploited while still possible. Useless diversions and decadence will present false opportunities. These should be ignored. Base materials mean power. Choice is only a means for squandering potential. Historical benchmarks may supply the best opportunities. Gold coins will always have value. Spices may well again. Money is no longer based upon any commodity, therefore it should be exchanged towards equity. Liquid assets spill too easily. Credit even presents windows. A ledger may indicate insolvency while possessing a king's ransom. Debt levels are indicators of economic strength and weakness. The situation may prove the undoing of a cashless society. Preparedness is advised.

The Stupid and The Rich

The Stupid and The Rich 1-2
The Stupid and The Rich 3-5
The Stupid and The Rich 6-8
The Stupid and The Rich 9-End

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Neither the Government nor the Population (6th Draft): FACTORS Part 3.1.5

iv. Concerning Civil Disobedience:

Henry David Therou was a superb naturalist, but his theories on resistance are based upon 19th Century realities. Those days are over. The next step after mere dissent is seen as civil disobedience, but this assumes one actually cares (or indeed able) to change the system based upon technique. Energy might be better spent smashing lies to rubble. This requires an internal honesty that few possess. How many would actually admit to their own propagandizement? The enemies of individual determinism deserve their destruction with their machine. True social evolution will only otherwise wear a stagnant mask. How many are prepared for the lengths required? Morality is the result of the weak Christian mentality. It will need discarding for this work. The herd must die. Its motivations must be regarded meaningless and contemptuous. How many will buck their own socialization which each views themselves the exception? Lies are more comfortable. How many will restrain their vicarious impulsiveness? Instant gratification is the foundation of the media culture. How many will be strong enough to discard their decadent instincts? The isolated will die alongside their unknown fellows. The social and political needs elimination, not superficial change. How many can overcome their senses? The picture is always necessarily false. Subservience is the same, whether it be to feudal barons or the people. How many will understand, and admit their own peonage? Equality is the vilest lie. Followers are sheep for the slaughter; leaders are fatter sheep. How many will willingly wipe out their own herd? The answer: too few, therefore everyone deserves their doom.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Neither the Government nor the Population (6th Draft): FACTORS Part 3.1.4

iii. On Dissent:

The broadest meaning attributable to dissent would be disagreement with official views and policy. The U.S. Constitution supposedly guarantees this right, but only when it doesn't hamper or offend the power elite. The illusion must be maintained. Therefore, dissent becomes a matter of semantics. The degree allowed unhindered is proportional to its irrelevancy. A crackdown will always follow dissent beyond this allowed boundary. Certain viewpoints are dangerous to the official power structure and must be dealt accordingly. The reaction may be an actual indicator of systemic weakness, or utilized for a propaganda example. The two cases may not be easily discernable, or even separable. Tools have multiple uses. Actual force employed would signify actual decay.[4] A quantifiable approach could be developed over time, thereby minimizing error, to gauge the actual decline and consequent vulnerability. Direct action should not be considered until the appropriate parameters have been reached. The time scales involved, spanning decades, will ensure the minimization of a potential error. The proper moment will not be realized until a purge can no longer be a likely concern. The official power structure will have enough problems at that point.

Vanity should be discarded.

[4] This assumes the decision was rational and based upon reality (never certain).