Tuesday, October 31, 2006

On This Modern Warrior Archetype Part Six.8.5

8e. Maximum Advantage rewards mediocrity. A direct consequence is the general favoring of drives toward progress over improvement. The occasional advance is used to justify constant motion. The result is a low-grade agitation that leads toward a state of absolute exhaustion. Like individuals, societies and cultures tire to the point of either sleep or unconsciousness. A speed freak, addicted to motion, cannot stop and therefore drives toward death. The habit must be kicked or one will almost certainly die. Nations are no different. However, due to its vicarious nature and existence, the herd mentality faces an even harder undertaking to beat its addictions. It must stay on the streets. Anything else is delusional. It cannot check into rehab.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

On This Modern Warrior Archetype Part Six.8.4

8d. Maximum Advantage does not really understand hostility. It can only manage anger. As a consequence, any responses directed toward hostile forces, groups, nations or peoples will be completely inappropriate. The situation is managed. Bureaucratic reaction time is by nature difficult to move, and slow when it finally does. Quick moving events will carry it along basically rudderless. Non-bureaucratic organizations and force, varying in size from masses to small groups (or even individuals), are far more fluid than state or corporate entities. One must not be that kind of many.

Friday, October 27, 2006

On This Modern Warrior Archetype Part Six.8.3

8c. Maximum Advantage molds human beings into machines. As the attempts steadily grow more anti-natural, as replaceable parts, individuals cease to care. Society and culture suffer and decline through the resultant internal decadent backlash amid a sea of apathy. Eventually, external revulsion is spawned by the spectacle and an even deadlier backlash is born. In tandem, both backlashes pull society and culture apart. Nothing becomes worth defending. The silence becomes a tomb. Eventually, such civilizations crumble with the ease of pulling the wings off a fly.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

On This Modern Warrior Archetype Part Six.8.2

8b. Maximum Advantage requires a society consume itself and all others. Like any plague, it will naturally be resisted. Fire is among the cheapest means.

Monday, October 23, 2006

On This Modern Warrior Archetype Part Six.8.1

8a. Maximum Advantage demands Order of Rank through dilution. Hence, it undermines its own authority.

Friday, October 20, 2006

On This Modern Warrior Archetype Part Six.7.8

7h. Emotion is a primary creator toward identification of values. It cannot be discarded. It is fallible. One must learn to live with emotion and its consequences. Emotional outbursts can be both weakness and strength. Containment leads toward depression, but unchecked emotion consumes. Optimally, when necessary, one can better handle internal turmoil by postponement. Retaliation is more effective when served cold anyway.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

On This Modern Warrior Archetype Part Six.7.7

7g. Delusions can be contagious. The disease vector can be inoculated, but rarely immunized. One may understand or avoid. However, in many cases where mass hysteria is impossible to avoid, one will almost certainly be affected. Maximum Advantage seeks unity. All are targets. Understanding manipulation is a primary tool towards combating it. Knowing the score is better than ignorance of what one is up against. Projections must be discarded.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

On This Modern Warrior Archetype Part Six.7.6

7f. Resolve is important in any type of conflict. The weak can lay low the strong through its corrosion. On the other hand, the strong are more likely to try to beat it down. Those inhabiting the middle ground will thus be doubly assaulted. Hence, one in such circumstances needs to learn either to duck or fly. In either case, as one will then largely be ignored, the extremes will weaken each other. Their mutual animosity is a weapon to be exploited beyond Maximum Advantage. One way or another, the difficult part is avoiding being sucked in.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

On This Modern Warrior Archetype Part Six.7.5

7e. Misplaced optimism leads one toward the path of destruction. Thinking happy thoughts will not make external problems go away. Fantasy should not be even remotely all-encompassing. Unfortunately, too many are so enshrouded as to be forever lost. However, some types do have the potential to break away. Tasks are a better means toward escape than simply being lost. Like oxygen, some optimism is necessary to live; an excessive amount corrodes.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Interlude: Dark Ages America Part-13

16. Overall, Dark Ages America is worth reading concerning the Decline and Fall of western and particularly the US. Basically, the culture has opted to commit suicide through decay. Maximum Advantage in All Things is hollow. One of the things I never have understood is the belief that some specific cause (or range) is solely responsible for systemic failures. Internal cultural trends and forces seeking to eliminate the existence of Western Civilization would have little appeal were this Civilization viewed as something worth preserving by a significant segment of the population. One way or another, respect must be earned. Decadence withers regard. These viewpoints can be repressed by eliminating insight, but never eliminated. Indeed, external forces would have no real negative net effect on a healthy society. The drowning of New Orleans could not have occurred in an environment with sound social, cultural and government structures. Empires dig their own graves. These Days, these trends just appear to be a lot quicker than in the past. Acceleration hastens the final destination. The ruling elite assume that nothing, beyond cosmetics, will ever change. As those controlling mass media, their message will never speculate otherwise. They believe their own propaganda. Hence, psychologically, collapse will hit those believing in this false permanence hardest. Those already aware of their situation will find adapting easier.


Friday, October 06, 2006

Interlude: Dark Ages America Part-12

Continued from Part-11.

15a. As I previously noted, Berman does not really discuss conditions during a so-called Dark Age. His Previous Book is a better place to look. He sees parallels with the historical period after which the term is named. Falling empires are one thing, but their aftermath is something else. One difference I can see would be due to instant communications. People tying to survive might have little use for culture, but information is another matter. Also, what if some areas of the globe were untouched. Might these not attempt to influence and draw in those outside?

15b. Berman also appears to believe the end of national government would mean the end of the United States. Absent federal influence (and corruption), the nation's nature might change or split. It does not mean the end of civilization.

15c. Of course, judging from the current state of stupidity, Berman may be exactly correct. Perhaps decadent western civilization has become pointless. Something stronger will take its place. We might witness a Dark Age, but it could be significantly shorter than its predecessor.

15d. Lastly, if one is aware and mentally prepared, one can be prepared to keep the peace oneself by refusing to fall into insanity, and by example lift a few others in the process. If no one else may maintain even a minimum standard of order, then one will need to do so oneself. The important part is remembering what one is. Else, one is lost. Berman is completely correct on that account.


Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Interlude: Dark Ages America Part-11

Continued from Part-10.

14. Berman discounts the "Pendulum Theory." This viewpoint entails the belief that events such as we are witnessing at presents are a temporary extreme. Eventually, the theory continues, the pendulum will swing the other way. In the common error of proof by example, past instances in US history, like during the Great War, are always used as justification for this argument. The author states the following as evidence that the past will not repeat itself:

(a.) Cultural Disintegration.
(b.) Civil Liberties permanently compromised by a Pandora's Box filled with advanced surveillance technology.
(c.) A nation of laws has become a nation of men. Loyalty is more important than performance. In other words, the US Government is like a mediocre Mafia. Incompetence and even criminal activity is tolerated as long as one keeps one's mouth shut.
(d.) A state of permanent war. Being undefined, the current wars being fought by the US can never be concluded. One can expect no less from those involved in (c.) above.
(e.) Cumulative effects are not recoverable. This technological system is like a car with just too many miles.
(f.) Fantasy is esteemed over reality. He describes Verbal Worlds in different terms.
(g.) He draws parallels with Rome. Beware proof by example.


Monday, October 02, 2006

Interlude: Dark Ages America Part-10

Continued from Part-9.

Lucky 13. "The State of the Union" is next discussed by Berman. He states the obvious, namely (but it still needs to be said - often) that people get the government they want (or I might add, deserve). Apathy towards government causes its demise. The fall does not occur without a reason. Those lacking a stake will never lift a finger to proactively prevent or even arrest decline. Bourgeois rhetoric wound espouse otherwise, but inane blabber goes by the wayside as the middle class is forcibly plunged into the world of the working class. A system built on legitimacy being conferred by participation inevitably reaches crises levels as even nominal participation evaporates. (Other systems die for other reasons. All machines wear.) Voting is done with one's feet. It is easy to walk away from a burning building that contains nothing valued. Loyalty needs to be earned. When sufficiently weakened, and nobody cares otherwise, the result is predation. Somebody has to pay. One way or another, all human beings are just meat.