Tuesday, May 29, 2007

On This Modern Warrior Archetype Part Seven.10

10. From time to time, one may discover the need to step forward toward conflict. Motivation may vary from the concrete or abstract; but regardless, it must be strong. Fighting, as opposed to simple brawling, is not worth pursuing unless the price is worth the cost. For some, conflict is an excuse for unleashing one’s drives to the fullest extent allowed. Unrestrained, these impulses degenerate toward basic animal instinct and actuates accordingly. The resultant unrestrained depravity befittingly leads the herd towards actively suppressing aggressive traits required for the an effective warrior class.[13] In those societies and cultures where the warrior is accepted, one will see codes and oaths against victimizing the unoffending. In a decadent society, where no such outlet exists, one may find the need to emulate past efforts. As a concession, at least This Modern Warrior Archetype is free.

[13] At best, equilibrium may be allowed to exist only under extremely controlled settings. The warrior must be able to switch off aggressive inclinations. One way or another, those failing to do so are suppressed.

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