Saturday, August 04, 2007

This Modern Warrior Archetype Part Seven.23

23. Among those able to discern trends and foresee likely events, there will always be those whom refuse to embrace their predictions. Unsurprisingly, one dedicated to preservation will not welcome its failure due to the stupidity of others. Rather than assign blame where it belongs, the impulse to “shoot the messenger” may override their perception of those choosing to readily adapt to the coming order. Psychologically, such types may see cause rather than consequence. Loyalty is a strong motivator. Honor may demand that everything may be done to defend the old order. A general desire for stability may also contribute toward resentment being directed at those with less vested interest in the current order. As such, these sort will not see the advantage of standing aside for The Fall, and contrary opinions will be met with negativity or even hostility by those trying to stop it. Unfortunately, no single constituent is to blame. Systemic collapse cannot be cause by any one factor. Reality is rarely so simplistic. Perhaps they may even soften the blow; if The Fall is the inevitable by-product of a broken system, then it cannot be stopped. A healthy civilization would not succumb to these pressure, because the underlying issues would not be present. The world moves on whether we like it or not. As a result, unfortunately, one must stand aside and let events convince many potential allies otherwise. Failure to do so, even if one only wallows in its destruction of the system while not actually doing anything to cause its demise, will only create more enemies. They will come around. Hopefully, their lessons will serve to make them stronger.

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