Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Review of Brave New War #3

Review of Brave New War by John Robb (Continued).

One of the interesting points the author makes in this book (and has done so repeatedly on his Website) is the similarities of the Spanish Civil War and the War in Iraq. Both conflicts are precursors to even greater wars. In addition, although never alludes both contain contained (truly) revolutionary elements. However, a primary component has changed its nature, namely anarchistic* drivers towards smaller or even no government. In the 1930s, anarchy was embodied by movements and figures; in the 2000s, anarchy is an historical force. Technological civilization is vulnerable in proportion to its size. Decentralization and isolation are a response, including gravitation toward closed collectivism. As infrastructure is divided the result can be harsh if the transition is managed poorly (which is most certain in chaotic circumstance). It becomes only prudent to disconnect from the national grid or road system as autonomy is assumed or wrested. Chaos can be halted. People will need to depend on themselves more. In the US, I suspect the federal government would take a backseat to state and local jurisdictions (some of which will Fall Apart on their Own).

* In the sense, meaning no rulers or government. Chaos is not inherent; just likely.

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