Sunday, March 23, 2008

Modern Warriors: Kenya

Kenyan Tribes Wage a War With Bows and Arrows is fascinating photographic evidence of a relatively "civilized" (I would say civil) form of warfare. If blood must be spilled, then agree to use ancient but deadly weapons, such as bows armed with arrow made from 4 inch nails, slings and machetes. It appears that these men have decided that they don't want to create another Rwanda, and have agreed to limit death to a pre-selected battlefield away from cities and towns. As a result, the civilian population will not experience wholesale devastation. At night, everyone goes home. Perhaps that is why the police do not intervene? It could be a lot worse. (To use my own metaphors) these tribes are an example of what Modern Warriors (or Modern Warrior Archetypes) can be. A non-decadent society can chose such a path. These are people who remember who they are.

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