Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Physics and Philosophy - Thoughts on the Implications of Quantum Mechanics, and Other Matters #26

26. As institutional science has grown useless in addressing mediocrity in its own institutions and practices, it has grown destructive in addressing mediocrity in the greater society. By actively promoting schemes, such as soft Taylorism, the scientific establishment undermines itself. Only sociopaths personalities are immune from believing their own propaganda. Worse, determinism is often pushed for the sake of funding. The demand for results does produce quantity, but really very little quality. It also destroys objectivity. As such, there are better routes for addressing reality. Philosophy, appropriately wielded, has a much broader scope. Rather than exploring minutiae, one can look at the whole as different than the sum of its parts. This freedom can be liberating, but it will very likely not be profitable. Only posterity will care. As Things Fall Apart on their Own, one will at least know why The Fall occurred, and whom helped its decline...

-1992, 2008


The Physics and Philosophy series has been written as an introduction to The Age of Mediocrity collection.

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