Thursday, January 14, 2010

Re: Respect

1. Why are those whom demand respect the least worthy of it?
2. Why would someone whom you do not respect be surprised when you do not show it?
3. Why would they think you care?


Anonymous said...

Respect is the derivative of a socially constructed and thus prevalued phenomenon. The ability to gain respect is of course anchored in aptitude, but aptitude is neither right nor wrong.

Respect merely mirrors that which the public wishes to see and/or desires. Respect is thus shown when these socially constructed phenomenon are presented, although their identification is left to the talent of the perceiver.

Caring is thus the expression of a socially constructed phenomenon. Respect, as an aspect of caring, is thus the recognition of what is socially salient; it is not itself an act of intelligence.

Deserving of respect thus represents the social aptitude for presenting such prespecified socially constructed phenomena; if unsufficiently salient than you are likely in the wrong audience.

SRL said...

Valid, but not necessarily applicable to annoying people.