Monday, March 08, 2010

Civilization 1

Civilization, as something made for women by men, satisfies none.


Jay Greathouse said...

Civilization never was "something made for women by men" but rather something made by men to enslave women and their children.

Civilization, "living in cities," has never been self-sustaining, always in a perpetual state of scarcity, a scaricity used to divide groups of women and children to the benefit of agressived males.

Common behavior among all anthropological primates.

Civilization, the begining of conqueoring armies and mass slavery, home of the psychopathic generals and their religious and political stoogies.

Civilization, something made for psychopaths by slaves.

SRL said...

Just because you make How about "something made for [the enslavement of] women by men"? Basically, it's all made possible by agriculture and the resultant division of labor.