Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Technological Mesmerization

Technological mesmerization is a useful tool for occultation of economic reality.  It can be especially useful in the generation of spectacle at the expense of those believing themselves to be a majority.  A minority within a minority may always focused upon in an effort to delegitimize the  offending cause or movement.  Kooks love the camera.  You can always find enough of some objectionable idiot to focus upon.  The news comment sections abound with it.  Laziness is easy.

Although often successful, and for that very reason is always exploited to Maximum Advantage in all Things, this approach degrades national cohesion by sowing long term divisiveness for long term gain.  As an end product, something is objectionable to someone, and society therefore writes itself off.  Fragmentation is a failed identity.  Even as it isolates further, people will try otherwise.  Crisis may create real change, but nothing else will.

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