Tuesday, September 27, 2011

No Confidence

Public’s opinion of government: ‘You stink!’:
Americans may be sharply divided on many fronts but they can agree when it comes those who run the government.

Congress stinks and anyone who seeks or holds public office ain’t that hot either.
From Obama Has an Everyone Problem:
Beyond every individual group’s specific concerns, what the bulk of the American people first and foremost elect a president to do is govern their country well. Obama’s problem is that basically every group across the spectrum feels the country is being governed poorly.
In an economic system, based on faith (much like communism) but reliant on the state, widespread dissatisfaction is a sign of impending alienation.  Hence, vested interests and opponents will attempt to either "ride the wave" or "stem the tide."  Those straddling the line will be stranded, which may be for the better: reality isn't a metaphor.

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