Sunday, February 24, 2013

Death of a Class

From a review of Death of a Yuppie Dream: The Rise and Fall of the Professional-Managerial Class:
Historically, members of the PMC have designed and managed capital’s systems of social control, oftentimes treating working-class people with a mixture of paternalism and hostility. As advocates for rational management of the workplace and society, however, the PMC has sometimes also acted as a buffer against the profit motive as the sole meaningful force in society. Today, members of the PMC face a choice. Will they cling to an elitist conception of their own superiority and attempt to defend their own increasingly tenuous privileges, or will they act in solidarity with other working people and help craft a politics capable of creating a better world for all?
Of course they will not.  They've been raised to believe societal myths and to embrace hyper-individuality.  Collective action is therefore inconceivable.  All that remains is complaining.  Talk - Action = Nothing.

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