Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Better Course

A crisis may be mitigated, but it rarely can be entirely avoided.  Many believe otherwise and will often negate, or at least blunt, measures taken to defuse the situation.  False beliefs are a matter of degree, but can combine with even greater impact than would otherwise be the case where each to be considered in isolation. Bipolar errors are simplistic, but gradational misconceptions are potentially far more destructive.  A heretic is more threatening than an infidel.  A partial believer causes more damage than one who simply refuses to acknowledge party lines.  The former finds an opening whereas the other only encounters a wall.  Commonality is a better foundation for devastating critiques.  Weakness may be exploited by a subtle examination.  Brute force combats inertia; something more subtle deflects.  In the end, a new angle may be the better course.

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