Sunday, September 21, 2008

Maximum Advantage in all Things: Bailout #1

Now that the initial shock has worn...

This Bailout could never be possible were the US, as a technological nation (note: I do not say society), not beholden to the technical morality. Thieves are bailed out, because, we are rationalized, doing so would be worse. And who are we supposed to trust, at their lying word, but the very same politicians who enabled these crooks in the first place?!? It's a simple a looting of the Treasury, but we should be reassured that it could be worse! Traditional and/or opposing moralities would find the notion repugnant. Yet, Federal Government Officials and the big money press, see no shame as their moral framework is that of the hollow machine. Their precious system might fail quickly rather than slowly. Thus they retain their position at the expense of everyone else. In an alternate moral scheme, many responsible would see serious jail time, instead we see golden parachutes and big Federal Pensions. They have created their own anti-natural Verbal World, and may therefore be counted upon to almost always aspire to the greatest errors.

Probable Result:

The Moral Authority of the Federal system is truly bankrupt. A government that robs from its citizens to pay thieves has sunk below the level of a Kleptocracy into outright banditry. As a result, respect for the law will be eroded until it crumbles. Consequently, they destroy their legitimacy.

For robbing me, I can at least be consoled that they will suffer far worse in the end. (As long as I never kid myself that it will mean justice.)

Hopefully, I can spit at them as they lie in the gutter (and tell them to go get a Job).

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