Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Maximum Advantage in all Things: Bailout #2

Propaganda, as disseminated through the press, often seeks to convey unity and consensus, even where none exists. Scare tactics are also employed to sway the doubters.

More lies:
“This entire proposal is about benefiting the American people because today’s fragile financial system puts their economic well being at risk,” Mr. Paulson said. Without action, he added: “Americans’ personal savings and the ability of consumers and business to finance spending, investment and job creation are threatened.
Yet, most Americans have no savings! The motivation is simple: the rich crooks certainly do want to unload their investments before the inevitable crash, and they want you to pay for it. And a stupid, distracted public will likely let them. This measure will buy some time (and a whole lot of Swiss Francs). Meanwhile everyone else pays to bailout piracy. In a service economy, as pointed out by Paul Craig Roberts and numerous others, little or no savings is to be expected. Also we learn from our crooked, lying, warmongering "Dear Leader" that looting the treasury is noble, and that we must rise above politics in doing so. It also appears the slimy, craven congress will go along with some changes. Meanwhile, everyone else gets to experience massive inflation or even hyperinflation. (Of course, the books are cooked to make inflation appear lower, and therefore keep wages low by lying with statistics. But that is another story.) One way or another, their system will fail. The only question is whom it will fall on. If it falls on you, just don't forget who pushed it down.

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