Saturday, September 27, 2008

Maximum Advantage in all Things: Bailout #4

Back to form...

On the Presidential election:

Whomever wins, they will be a one termer, or even the last real President. A broken Federal Government will never have the same respect or legitimacy. How are they going to enforce their mandates? Neither candidate is up to the task of doing anything else but captain a sinking ship, and they'll damage state and local government in the process. Even corporations won't be immune to hyperinflation.

The political elites in this country are so out of touch. Those not physically inbred, like the Bushes, are intellectually inbred, like Paulson and Bernanke. They've spent so long only listening to money, that they cannot even conceive of the foundations of their power being undermined by their own actions. A bailout will make them hated, and they don't even know it. They confuse social isolation with acceptance. As a West African acquaintance said, "In any other country there would be a coup." (Or at least a General Strike.) It is hated by almost everyone of all political persuasion except the top 1% (at least the stupid ones). As far as I'm concerned, they can go bankrupt and die. They actually except us to take it bent over, just so we can still lend us money? What a priviledge: I can be screwed so they can screw me again! And on top of it, my earning power is reduced so I get screwed again and again. If they pass this bailout, this country is more doomed than it needs to be.

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